Facing foreclosure can be one of the most devastating events of your life.  Constant worries about the comfort of your family and your financial future are normal in this dire situation, but the truth is, there’s still hope.

Foreclosure In a Nutshell

If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, your lender might begin the legal process of selling your home at an auction in order to get payment for the loan.  This process of foreclosure involves many steps, but one of the first steps is notifying you.  Do you know your options?

Make a Stable Recovery With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan that you will propose to the bankruptcy court, with our help.  Once approved, you will use this plan to catch up on mortgage payments and avoid the foreclosure of your home.

  • Follow the debt repayment plan
  • Make all your payments on time
  • Your home will be safe when the plan completed!

File Your Case!

  • just before the foreclosure sale
  • before the foreclosure suit
  • after the foreclosure suit has been served

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy And Your Other Mortgages

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy might also help you eliminate the payments on your second or third mortgage.  If your first mortgage is secured by the entire value of your home, you may no longer have any equity to secure the other mortgages. That allows Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to re-categorize them as unsecured debt, which often does not have to be paid back at all.

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