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May 10, 2010
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It’s Time To Talk To A Bankruptcy Lawyer when…

It’s Time To Talk To A Bankruptcy Attorney when…

Do you feel like it’s hard to keep your head above water with your finances?  If “yes,” then that’s a good start.  The first step to not sinking in debt, is being aware of it.  Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re treading water, until it’s too late! 

Here are some tell tale signs that you might have a debt problem:

  1. You’re constantly spending more money than you earn
  2. All your cards are maxed out and you keep getting new ones to transfer the balances
  3. You only manage to pay the minimum required payment on your credit cards
  4. You have an embarrasingly low credit score
  5. You are constantly bombarded with calls from creditors
  6. You skip certain bill payments, in order to pay other bills
  7. Lack of money, and disputes over how to spend it, are causes of severe distress in your marriage
  8. You’ve been turned down for multiple loans
  9. You can’t afford to make regular major payments like your car, school loan, etc
  10. The possibility of filing for bankruptcy has seriously crossed your mind.

If most of what you read above sounds like your situation: don’t hesitate to contact the Adkins Firm by phone: 404-997-8942 or by email: madkinslaw@gmail.com. Our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys are ready to serve you!

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